Indigo Angora
fiercely fuzzy

We are Growing

Our site is growing and so is our selection of both rabbits and
their wonderful fiber. 
We will be posting upcoming litters and rabbits available for sale.  Keep watching.  We now have a blog where you can find information on what the rabbits are up to!
Yarn and spinning fiber are now offered.  Loose fiber is sheared from the rabbits and will be either naturally colored or dyed. 
Occasionally knitted items might find their way for sale here.  You never know what might appear.
About Me
In addition to raising the rabbits I have a habit of acquiring new crafts and skills.  The latest bit of fun has been collage quilting.  In the picture you can see the start of my Indigo Angora quilt.  It has been the best fun making this and I hope to be able to post the finished quilt before too long.

My love of fiber and fabric started early when my Grandmother taught me to sew.  She and my Mother kept me busy crafting all manner of things.  Then one day, many years later, a friend taught me to knit.  Not satisfied with simply knitting, I learned to spin and make the yarns I wanted.  A friend once gave me some bits of angora from her rabbit.  It was felty bits and not great for spinning but I cherished it.  When we moved to our current house and found it came with a rabbit hutch, it seemed the sensible thing to do was put a rabbit in it. 

The bunnies started with that hutch and then five rescue satin angoras.  Now there are many furballs and plans to build a proper house for them.  I hand shear the rabbits every three or four months.  The fiber is then offered to you as is, in its natrual colors, or hand dyed in an ever changing rainbow of colors.  I spin 100% angora yarn, knit wonderful things from it, and stay warm all winter. 

In addition to raising the rabbits we also have a small flock of chickens, two large dogs, a couple cats, and three children.  The days are busy and the rewards are many.  Thanks for stopping by.