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Log Cabin Spin in

Saturday, March 09, 2019


Debbie E


  1. Panzer
    09 Mar, 2019
    Sadly, last week we lost our wonderful Panzer.  He was our fiercely fuzzy boy and the father of many wonderful spinning rabbits.  He is a rabbit who cannot be replaced.  In the suddenness of this loss and the turn from winter to spring, I am reminded once more that our lives are change.  The one constant.  Often, it is not the changes which create problems, but how we react to them.  Too inflexible and you may snap, too yeilding and you may be run over.  Panzer, you were the best.
  2. Procrastinator's Holiday Sale
    18 Dec, 2018
    Procrastinator's Holiday Sale
    This Saturday we will be joining other local crafters and artists at the Procrastiantor's Holiday Fair at Evans Brother's Coffee in Sandpoint.  This fun event happens every year and is a great opportunity to grab those last minute gifts.  I will have yarn, fiber and knitted items available for sale as well as my cedar tables and some spinning tools.  There may even be a rabbit or two, we will see.  I hope to see everyone there and really look forward to all the beautiful creations on display.
  3. Harvest Bazaar
    04 Nov, 2018
    Harvest Bazaar
    Coming up this Saturday, Indigo Angora will be vending at the Forrest Harvest Bazaar.  This will be located at the Forrest Bird Charter School from 10-2.  I will have a selection of angora and other fibers, handspun yarns, knitted items, spinning tools and even a couple hand crafted tables i made with cedar.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to find holiday gifts and to see what wonderful things the economics students have developed for sale at their booths.  At the heart of it, this event is
  4. southside harvest festival
    16 Sep, 2018
    Southside Harvest Festival
    October sixth I will be at the Southside Community Church on Cocolalla Loop Road.  Along with other vendors, I will have a booth with my yarn, fibers, and knitted items.  Hopefully I will have some newly dyed items.  With fall at hand it makes me think about pulling out the dye pots and using some of the wonderful natural dyes around my home.  And of course, there will be rabbits!  I may not have any available for sale, but a couple will be there for pure fluffy enjoyment!
  5. Eureka!  We are going!
    01 Aug, 2018
    Eureka! We are going!
    Indigo Angora is so happy to be heading north once again to join the Fiberfest Eureka show.  I will have a booth there for angora and other fibers, yarns, spindles, and of course there will be rabbits.  This year there are going to be a number of non-fiber related rabbits.  They are mostly Holland Lop mixes and will be great for 4H or pets.  Some are actually German angora/Holland Lop mixes, of all things, but they exhibit as lops.  There are a few German angora mixes for those seeking a fiber
  6. Long Time
    10 Mar, 2018
    Long Time
    Hello all and welcome back. As it has been apparent, I've been away from the site for a long time now.  It has not been for lack of interest but for sheer busy-ness.  Both boys and rabbits are keeping me hopping.  Looking toward the hope of spring it is yet again time for changes.  We had some winter losses to rabbits due to both age and illness.  Sad passing of Wash, Ember and Doubleshot.  All best bunnies.  I plan to revamp my online store.  More on that will come as things progress.  Watch
  7. Summer
    30 Aug, 2017
    Summer is winding to a close.  Its been busy but fun.  Our next big event will be the first ever Sandpoint Rennaisance Festival, this coming weekend.  We will have fiber, yarn, and rabbits to enjoy.  Hopefully some lucky folks will go home with wonderful rabbits.   I hope to see you all there.  I will be dressed as a Turkish vendor of Rabbits, angora having come from Ankara.  And of course, there will be jousting.  Just not with rabbits.....or should I?
  8. Summer's Glory
    02 Aug, 2017
    Summer's Glory
    Every day I think how lucky we are to live where we do.  As hot and dry as this summer has been, it is still glorious.  Living near the river we are blessed with seeing the eagles.  This one hung out in a tree while we canoed in to a little rocky beach to swim.  Eventually it decided to move on and we were able to watch its flight up the river.  The water was refreshing and a reminder of the life it brings, for us, the eagles, and of course our rabbits.
  9. Hello!
    02 Aug, 2017
    Hello there from the bunnies.  The latest batch of German angoras is going fast.  We have one girl left.  She is about ready for her first haircut and is so soft.  Her hair will give a lovely grey when spun.  I am expecting a fine coat from this one.  Wouldn't you love to take her home?