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What a wonderful world

Each day I look from our windows and feel how lucky we are to live here. 
The bunnies make me smile every time I come to spend time with them.  I hope you enjoy the photos of our lovely North Idaho region, the rabbits and the fiber processing and spinning.  More will be added as time allows.
  1. bunnies, babies, kits, nest
    So new
    Day old babies in the nest keeping warm.
  2. Bent Bob
    Bent Bob
    Our winter view.
  3. Ember
    French/Satin/German doe
  4. How do we get out of here?
    How do we get out of here?
    Two of Ember's babies, getting big.
  5. Hmmm
    Magic investigates
  6. Kuma's rock
    Kuma's rock
    A great place to sit and take in the view.
  7. Spring
    Everything is just budding out.
  8. German angora rabbit
    Our big German boy, he has so much character.
  9. Kuma's rock, again
    Kuma's rock, again
    Kuma was our dog and this rock seemed the perfect memorial to him.
  10. What?
    I am not coming out of this nest.
  11. The wild neighbors
    The wild neighbors
    This hare hasn't caught up with the season yet.
  12. Wandering Moose
    Wandering Moose
    This boy came to stay for a few days.
  13. A Gradient of Bunnies
    A Gradient of Bunnies
    This was one litter of fuzzy lops in a perfect gradient of colors.
  14. In the Nest
    In the Nest
    They look so cozy.
  15. Harrison Lake
    Harrison Lake
    A great end to a local hike.
  16. Cuties
    The same gradient lops growing up.
  17. Winter Sun
    Winter Sun
    A perfect blue sky day.
  18. Peeking in My Window
    Peeking in My Window
    This guy looks like he wants to see what I'm typing.