Indigo Angora
fiercely fuzzy
The Return of Nibbles!
Nibbles, now known as Yeats, has come back to us.  His family has had to move to New York City
and did not think he would fare well with that long journey.  As happy as we are to see him back, and grown into such a fine rabbit, we were saddened to hear that his sister Snow had passed on.  I am still deciding whether or not he will remain with us or find a new home.  He has been fixed and so is no longer a breeding rabbit, but retains his wonderful fluff ability.
Holland Lops!
Black Angora Doe!
Doubleshot and Embers kits have grown and are ready for new homes! 
One doe, black in color, super soft and waiting for a new fiber home.  She is growing into a wonderful rabbit. 
This lovely girl has found a home.  I am so pleased to be placing another rabbit in a 4H home.
Goldie Baun and Bill. Goldie is gold tipped black steel and Bill is black.  There were three black and one chestnut in the litter. Born June 3 they are ready to find new homes.  Perfect for 4H.

New in the Nest!
Ember and Doubleshot brought us four new kits in the nest.  I am super excited to see them.  They are all quite dark, which came as a surprise.  Ember is black torte (fawn) and Doubleshot is REW with no colors indicated in his background.  More photos to come as they grow.  These will be available late July. 
Frost has found a home!
Frost is a loving boy who has found a place with a young woman who will spoil him and show him at Fair.  We are so happy.
Soot Sprite
This cutie has found a home with a spinning family who plan to spoil him rotten.  I couldn't be happier.  He will provide wonderful fiber and snuggles.
Nibbles lost the tips of his ears when Mom nibbled them off at birth.  This does happen occasionally.

Nibbles is has moved to his new home along with his sister Snow.
Sookie and her kits
Sookie did a great job raising her black tipped steel girl and apricot boy. For now we will be keeping these. 
Update, Sookie has a new loving home as does her daughter Goldie.
Apricot remains a spoiled bun here.

Raven and Rue

Raven finally found her forever home with a family who had been looking for just this rabbit.  I loved how their faces lit up on finding out she was available.  Raven found her people at the Southside Harvest Festival. 
The other rabbit is Meadow Rue.  Meadow Rue is a German Angora doe.  She has fantastic fiber.  Rue has gone to live with a friend.  Yeah!

Netherland Dwarf Bucks
French Fry was born February 13th, 2016.  He was sired by Grand Champion Donnie Funkhouse, a black otter buck.  He was born from Magic, a chestnut doe.  Both sides are pedigreed and pedigrees are available.  French Fry is sold!

Ember's kits are gone!

Here I am!

The five lovely bunnies from Ember and Panzer have found new homes.  They are some of the softest, sweetest rabbits we have been able to help raise here at Indigo Angora.  They are busy and curious, always coming up to say hello and munch the fresh summer grasses. 

This wonderful litter of bunnies have all found homes.  We are thankful to all those who have taken them in and look forward to hearing what antics they are up to. 
Houdini, our last, has gone to live with Small Fry and two young girls.  He and Small Fry will have new careers as 4H rabbits.  I look forward to seeing them at fair this year.


Yang has a home!

Yang hjas found a new home in Montana with a lovely spinner.  I am excited to see future projects with his wonderfully soft hair.